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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 7, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it is like 6:00 hour when things get nasty on the roads. weather wise we have a nice day ahead of us. a little hot for this time of the year. average high is 83. we will push 90. yesterday 87 and there's not much in the way of moisture or cloudiness to help to dim the sunshine. show you what is going on. we had showers to the north. nothing coming our way. in fact they are in to northern new york and northern new england and around here a clear sky this morning. it is milder than yesterday morning when we had some 40s out there. right now 60s to 71 at pax river at the naval air station. 57 cumberland. that's the cool spot. winchester 63. locally manassas and sterling and leesburg 64. so is rockville and 61 columbia and laurel. 62 for our friends in crofton. arlington 68 and here in washington we sit at 70 at reagan national. 73 by 9:00. 84 by noon and 88 at five with the high around 90 degrees. the front comes through tomorrow bringing us changes by
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thursday and friday. i will have that at 5:15. right now it is 5:01 and here's angie. rise and shine. welcome to the 5:00 hour. right now it is all good outside. move it to 66. taking you live eastbound so far moving at speed to inside the beltway from centreville. as we take you to the beltway, we stay in virginia. no real problems from 95 past 86 making your way up to the american legion bridge. let's move it next to maryland. didn't forget about you. tracking the 270 trip. everything is clear past father hurley to the split. and we will wrap with a look at the maps. 95 and the bw parkway, nice clean and green. you are okay making your way to 495. that's the traffic. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, angie. well, today is the day all public school students in the dc area will hear the school bell ringing. most northern virginia systems start their 2010/2011 school
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year today. they are alexandria, arlington, fairfax, falls church, fredericksburg, king george, loudoun, manassas city, manassas park, orange, prince william and warren counties. now the biggest of these in our area is fairfax county with its 170,000 students, and that means many families are trying out their school routines for the first time this morning. kristin fisher is live at james madison high school in vienna, virginia with more. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. you know when fairfax county heads back to school you know that summer is indeed over. sad but true. as of today, all school systems in the dc area will be back in session. and you know there are certainly some perks to being the last school system in the area to go back to school, but for some procrastinating parents there are also some serious disadvantages and here's what i'm talking about. yesterday, stores like target, wal-mart, staples, they were slaughtly packed with fairfax county parents and their kids
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buying last-minute school supplies. roughly 175,000 students will be starting school today in fairfax county public schools making fairfax by far the largest school district in virginia. 12th largest in the entire u.s., but when you are dealing with those kinds of numbers, coupled with the fact that you are in in the last system in the area to start school, many parents said they could hardly find any supplies left on the shelves. >> went in the store to get composition notebooks and pencils and there aren't any. >> there's almost nothing left in there. it is pretty picked over. we came here, i can't remember if it was this target, even ten days ago it was hard find what we needed. >> reporter: in addition to scrambling to find last-minute school supplies another challenge at the start of fairfax county school year is the same thing that many orschool systems across the area and across the country are also dealing with, and that is, of course, budget cuts.
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but, you know, fairfax county superintendent says that is nothing new. they have been dealing with that for years now. he says that this year for teachers those budget cuts mean they will receive no salary increase for the second year in a row. and also, schools will have less money than last year for things like school supplies and training, but still the superintendent is still very quick to point out that all systems are good to go for the start of school this first day of the school year and hopefully, keep our fingers crossed, we will be chatting with the superintendent in about an hour and a half at 6:30 this morning but i can't make any guarantees because clearly he's a busy man this morning but we will hope for it. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. one thing fairfax county students won't find in their cafeterias anymore is chocolate milk. you can read more on our our website at just look under the where you live bar. tomorrow it will be one week since the hostage crisis
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at discovery channel headquarters in silver spring, maryland. it ended with police shooting and the gunman without anyone else being hurt. lynncy mast canis live -- lindsey mastis live. >> the 1900 blows are coming back -- the 1900 employees are coming back to work today. they were granted liberal leave so they didn't have to come back for five days. so far only a couple of people have been walking an the building but it is early. some returned a day after the attack to pick up personal belongings. during the evacuation many left their car keys, laptops and cell phones. discovery had a dozen grief counselors on hand to help people who work here. >> it makes me really sad that these kind of senseless acts of violence are going on and
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people can't find a more creative way to protest than traumatizing thousand of people. >> i talked to a discovery spokeswoman who said everyone is anxious to get to work. i asked also about security measure an she said a lot has changed the past six days and they have beefed up security but at this time they are not willing to go in to details. life in silver spring, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a barn fire in west virginia that killed 2 dozen racehorses. the fire broke out near the hollywood casino at charlestown races yesterday morning. witnesses say people tried to rush in and save the animals as flames shot 50 feet in to the air. 27 thorough breds died. 400 others were rescued. the total damage to the barn is $1.2 million. the value of the racehorses is unknown. and firefighters rush to tysons corner after shoppers heard explosions there last night. it turned out the sounds they
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heard were tires exploding one caused fire and the flames destroyed two nearby vehicles and damaged five more. it happened on the first floor of the parking garage across from nordstroms. firefighters had to close off the area for a while. >> we had to close down the parking garage until we could determine what we had and what we needed to do. we worked with the tysons security and once we determined the area that we needed to confine, the personnel, too. and ensure no one else was in that area, we opened the garage and let these folks out. >> reporter: a preliminary determination shows an engine fire is the cause, but the investigation is still ongoing this morning. it's time for the latest "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is off today but wall street investors are hoping to keep last week's rally going when trading resumes later this morning. a mixed bag in asia starts their day with japan's nikkei closing down with the hang seng posting gains.
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the dow stands at 10447 after adding 827 points on friday. the nasdaq jumped 33 and the s&p 500 climbed 14. a new grocery store is coming to town. aldi is holding a ground breaking ceremony today for the first location in the district on 17th street northeast. the discount grocer already operates stores in suburban maryland and virginia. well, just how much would you be willing to fork over to go to the big game? a survey from finds college football fans are willing to pay big bucks. for the annual florida/georgia game, fans are willing to fork over $480 a ticket. $519 if it is the ohio state/michigan game and r5 $83 for the chance to see notre dame versus army in the new yankees stadium. and speaking of college football, we will have highlights from two big games played in maryland last night coming up in sports.
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but first, authorities have now evacuated 1,000 homes from the path of a wildfire in colorado. and a sky scraper wows onlookers as he scales a 60 story building on the west coast with no safety harness. it is nine after the hour. you are watching 9 news now.
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in the news now, authorities have now evacuated 1,000 homes near boulder, colorado. a wind-driven wildfire in the rugged foothills spread across 5.5 square miles destroying homes. so far, no injuries are reported. the 45th annual jerry lewis muscular dystrophy telethon ended last night. the 24-hour even raised $59 million. that's down slightly from the last two years when each raised more than $60 million. a crowd in san francisco,
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california, strained their necks to watch a man climb a high-rise building. he calls himself sky scraper man and he made it up all 60 stories to the top of the millennium towers where police took him in to custody. he was released with misdemeanor citations. there's some good news about the flu vaccine this fall. that story is coming up. plus, hermine became a hurricane for a few hours, and what is left is harassing parts of texas. here's howard. >> hermine may come here before the week is out. we will talk about hermine and what you can expect for this tuesday, back to work and back to school d in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal
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dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that? what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
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a hurricane watch has been in affect for texas and mexico as hermine came in. it dumped rein on galveston. hermine made land fall last night and quickly crossed to the lone star state. howard is here and it got close to a hurricane. >> 70-mile an hour winds. >> hurricane strength is. >> 74. four miles an hour. i know it doesn't make much of a different except when we are classifying storms.
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this could drop eight inches of rain across texas. flooding is a concern there but it is moving not sitting in one spot. remember with allison in houston years ago where it dumped 20 inches of rain. this was the flooding storm. never even a hurricane, just a tropical storm but these tropical systems have so much moisture and if we are lucky we will get a little of it on sunday. because we need rain. another nice start to another nice day. we haven't had a drop of rain at reagan national this month an we are 5.5 inches below average for the year. so we could use a few rain showers coming our way. the bus stop forecast, i know. fairfax, the first one, this is for you today, clear and mild, 60s and 70s out there. a good mild start to the day. 6:42. no problems weather wise for the kids, the drivers. in fact today will be another nice day. a lot of sunshine. temperatures will be up around 90 for a high. we do that at 3:00 or 4:00 this time of the year. 8 is the lunchtime temperature.
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and today the air quality is code yellow, which is moderate. clear to partly cloudy tonight. 60s and 70s once again. southwest winds at five. sunset just before 7:30. and wednesday forecast, sunny and hot. breezy at times. we may see a stray shower. rain chances with the front 20%. west winds 10 to 15 gusting to 20. you will notice the breeze more than the showers that may be out there. 70 in annapolis right now. 71 pax river. 83 cambridge. 61 culpeper, manassas, martinsburg in the 50s along with cumberland and petersburg. hagerstown 67. national is coming in at 70. dew point 61. a few clouds out there. we will call it partly cloudy and the winds south at ten. that is a warmer, more humid breeze than we had the last couple of days and over the weekend. you see a front in the middle of the country with the cooler air behind it. it is in the 30s in casper,
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wyoming this morning. ahead of it the warm southerly flow continues and that low pressure is bringing all sorts of showers in to minnesota through the great lakes and that's the front that we will watch that comes through tomorrow. in texas, this is hermine and look at the center of circulation as it is coming from the north northwest. winds 50 miles an hour. hermine will move on shore and continue the clip through texas and oklahoma by wednesday night, thursday morning and then we will watch while some of the moisture not get in to this front, which is during the day tomorrow but perhaps by sunday. same one or two showers are possible here in the afternoon but for the most part the front will pass through without any rain showers. 90 today. it's a hot one. 90 tomorrow. breezy with that front. slim shower chance. thursday and friday, cooler in the upper 70s. the weekend, saturday 83. sunday 84. this is the next best chance of rain and monday, partly sunny and back in the 80s. it is 5:17.
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angie goff. terrible traffic tuesday. >> but it is not so terrible right now and that's the way i hope we keep it. let the trend continue. wake up, everybody. it's going to be a great day. the outer loop where we begin, north of the district making your way from 95 to 270. let's turn on the cameras. i know i have them going. cranking them up here. drivers are moving at speed. tracking the head lights on inbound new york avenue. a nice commute through northeast dc. as we move to virginia, 395, watching that pick up past the duke street area to seminary. and before that on 95 seeing a slow go start to build between the prince william parkway and route 123. that's the traffic. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, angie. in the living well headlines, we should have access to plenty of flu vaccine this flu season. a virginia health official says a record 160 million doses have been made available nationwide. and his district should receive the first vaccine shipment in
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the next week. authorities say this year's vaccine lynn cloud a strain of the h1n1 virus. come people go surfing for recreation but doctors found out in some cases the sport can be a real lifesaver. cystic fibrosis causes build up and make else it difficult to breathe. but the salt from the ocean helps to break up the new cuss and that has him hanging ten. >> i can sit on the beach and take a deep breath. >> doctors say just playing in the water can have the same effects. while the salt water helps there is no cure for cystic fibrosis. virginia tech in a matchup of top ten teams and maryland and navy renew an in state rivalry. we will have highlights coming up in sports. here's a look at who's
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celebrating a birthday
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. boise state plays virginia tech last night at fedex field with both schools ranked in the top ten. the broncos jumped to a 17-0 lead but the hokies offense got rolling in the sec quarter. the mistake-filled game tallied two block punts and 18 penalties but with just other a minute left, boise state scored the go-ahead touch june for the 33-30 went. here's brett haber with the rest of the sports. good morning. they have dubbed it the crab bowl. that's because maryland and navy are the only two major college football programs in the state of maryland with campuses 30 miles apart so you think they would be bitter long-
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standing enemies but would think wrong. they have met once in the last 44 years but that change on monday, renewing the rivalry on monday in baltimore. for maryland it would be devon megan. son of david megan. they led 17-14 in the final minute. if they score here they win. but their quarterback ricky dobbs gets stuck and the terps hang on to win the crab bowl by three. out at redskins park, donovan mcnabb returned to practice for the first time in two weeks the took full reps with the first team and should be ready to go. haynesworth is demoted to the second team in practice with team sources saying that haynesworth will not start on sunday and could be deactivated and his team makes are sick of talking about it. >> i'm tired of that, man. if haynesworth is done with we are good, he is a big part of the team. >> he is a beast when he plays.
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>> time to move to football and not worry about that stuff. it will take care of himself. he will be there when we need him. >> reporter: hush mansa da will be joining the ravens. he was released by seattle last week. seahawks for $7 million. the nationals picked up the 60th win. each of the last two years they just won 59 total. nats and mets, tied in the fourth. michael morris a little flair in the center. good enough to score the run. nats lead 4-3 and it would get larger. espinosa his fourth major league game and the kid is feeling comfortable. nats crush the mets 13-3. in the bronx on monday, o's and yankees tied at three in the seventh when roberts get a weak curve and pokes it to
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right. patterson coming around and he is safe. and even though brian roberts gout caught in the run june that was the game winner. birds take the bombers 4-3. that's a look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great tuesday. a man puts up a dramatic police play to make his point on how much plastic we use. and president obama outlines a new plan to boost the economy by improving the country's infrastructure. and with the rest of the schools in our area starting classes today, many people are worried we will experience a terrible traffic tuesday. so what's it looking like so far? >> not too terrible. and that's the way we like it. things are back to normal as far as traffic pattern is concerned at canal and fox hall.
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today northern virginia
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jones the rest of the area heading back to school. howard is starting off with the forecast. what will the students need to wear at the bus stop this morning. >> shout out to herndon high school. a teacher there. >> go hornets. >> weather wise it will be fun. if you want to wear short sleeves to the bus stop this morning it may be a tad cool in one or two spots but you will be glad later on as temperatures head to 90 this afternoon. west of town lower 80s an 50 in cumberland but national is 77. 64 in easton. and 66 in gaithersburg. locally you can see reston at 62. down the road from herndon, 70 in fairfax. 67 springfield and sterling 64. montgomery county in the mid- 60s. as cool as 60 in laurel with columbia down at 61. that's where just suck it up at
5:31 am
the bus stop. you will be fine. and this afternoon it will warm up to 84 at noon. 88 by five with a high of 90. >> oh, howard. okay. good morning, everybody. hope you are off to a great start on this tuesday morning. right now, no major problems. notice we have the first report of an accident. branch avenue be careful. head over to 27000 in maryland. everything is all clear out here. some volume building around germantown road to 370 and finally a quick look at 86. things are starting to fill out as we track the head lights between 50 and 12. back to you. maryland and dc students have been in class the last week or two but this morning it is back to school time for the biggest systems in northern virginia. kristin fisher is live from vienna with a preview. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, andrea. not only are students having to deal with the fact that summer is over, they are having to
5:32 am
wake up early, do home work but elementary students in fairfax county public schools are having to deal with the fact they are no longer going to be able to get any chocolate milk in school. now, this is part of an effort for fairfax county public schools. they are trying to make the food in their schools more healthy. the end of last year the county asked the company that supplies the milk to remove all of the high fructose corn syrup from the chocolate milk. the company one able to do so. so as a result there will be no chocolate milk in fairfax county public schools this school year. may not sound like a big deal but if you are like me and don't like regular milk, chocolate milk was the next best thing. it is causing concern among parents who want to make sure their kids are getting enough milk in their diet. another issue is a lack of school supplies. roughly 175,000 students will be starting school today in
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fairfax county, making fairfax the largest school system in virginia. when you are dealing with those kinds of numbers, coupled with the fact you are the last system in the area to start school, many said they could hart are hardly find supplies left on the shelves a target, wal-mart and staples. many have switched to halloween stuff. if you are one of those procrastinating parents the best thing to do may be to order supplies on-line. and one more reminder if you are planning to drive your child to school this morning you may want to leave a little bit early. aaa has dubbed today the triple t, it is terrible traffic tuesday. the day everyone goes back to work and back to school after summer break and labor day holiday weekend. so traffic, as angie has been saying all morning, could be pretty bad this morning. so you may want to plan for a few extra minutes on your morning commute. >> good advice. thank you. as we mentioned many school
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systems are starting their new school year this morning. they are alexandria, arlington, fairfax, falls church, fredericksburg, king george, loudoun, manassas city, manassas park, orange, plus prince william and warren counties. people who work at discovery channel are heading back to work for the first time today. six days after lee took hostages there. lindsey is live at discovery's headquarters. good morning. >> a lot has changed in the past six days. i'm told by a spokeswoman at discovery they have beefed up security but they are not willing yet to go in to detail about how. most employees took five days off. that's because discovery offed what is called liberal leave. but some people did go back in the building a day after the attack. the company provided 12 grief counselors for employees an some had to come back because they left opinional items in the building after they had to
5:35 am
evacuate. >> i was in the lobby, just by the atrium. on my way to a meeting at 1:00. and then just about that time i was told that there was a gunman in the lobby that we should all evacuate. >> reporter: a security guard and two others were taken hostage by james lee. none of them were hurt but security here don't carry guns. i asked the spokeswoman with discovery whether that would change and she said they are not ready to discuss their new security plan. reporting live in silver spring, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> montgomery county police are investigating a burglary at gaithersburg high school. officers responded to watkins mill high after a security alarm went off last night. one person was arrested at the scene. police say a second suspect got away. they are determinening whether the second person took anything out of the school. time for another living a
5:36 am
smart report. jessica doyle has the day off but president obama is on the road to roll out a $0 billion plan to boost the faltering economy. >> today i am announcing a new plan for rebuilding and moddennizing america's roads, rails an runways for the long term. >> reporter: at a union rally in milwaukee, wisconsin, the president said he wants to rebuild 150,000 miles of roads, construct and maintain 4,000 miles of railway and reconstruct 150 miles of airport runways. gop leaders instantly failed president obama's proposal and democrats will be likely reluctant to approve additional spending and higher deficit just weeks before election which will determine which party controls congress. facebook is taking a page from twitter's success. the social networking site is testing a new subscribe feature. this would allow users to
5:37 am
follow certain friends or pages more closely the feature is in the testing phase. so no word yet on a launch date. a new confession is reported in connection to the 5- year-old disappearance of natalie hollowway. the story is coming up. and rescuers make it to a stranded teenager before he is swept downstream in a raging river. it is 5:37. here's angie with an update on our terrible tuesday traffic. angie? >> not too terrible on route 50 and patrick henry drive, but things are going to pick up in the next hour or so. we will have more news next. stay with us. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back. we are flying down the grand jury w parkway heading southbound. so far so good from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. we are tracking the tuesday delays coming up. in the news now, the dutchman accused of killing a
5:40 am
peruvian woman suspected in natalie hollowway's disappearance has made a confession. in an interview, joran van der sloot says he extorted money from the parents of natalie hollowway to get back at them. authorities are praising a pilot and neighbors after a small plane crashed in to la las vegas subdivision. the pilot, who died in the crash, is credited with aiming the plane away from home and neighbors turned their hoses on the plane, allowing rescuers to pull out three badly injured survivors. rescuers in northern california say the -- saved a teenager from being swept down a rushing river. the 19-year-old got stuck on a rock when emergency crews figured out a boat wouldn't work they called in the sheriffs department helicopter. the teen was not hurt ever one of the most dreaded assaults in world war ii began 70 years ago today. that story is coming up.
5:41 am
on the lighter side, a sure sign that fall is almost here but we have the first pumpkin furling video of the season. >> you have to love the pumpkin chunken. it is comfortable but the late summer heat visits us this afternoon. the back to school and work forecast when 9 news now
5:42 am
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an virallal activist set up an eye catching display at dupont circle in hopes of convincing people that plastic bags should be banned. it is made up of 45,000 plastic bags and he says this represents the number that an average american will use in a lifetime in the main.of doing this is to show that there isn't a magical place called away when you put your trash on the curb it doesn't just disappear. plastic bags last 500 to 1,000 years in nature and most people use them for an hour or a week at the most. the message is we are using a lot and take a look at it and
5:45 am
think about is it really necessary that we use this much? >> reporter: today keller plans to set up his display across from the washington monday numb. he's been traveling across the country to promote his cause. speaking of something people are tossing, here's a little taste of fall for you from the european pumpkin chunkin' championship in belgium. competitors had to use devices they made themselves to try to hurl a ten pound pumpkin further than their opponent. one champ explained how his device works. >> it uses twisted rope. it is called a tortion bundle and it is used in ancient catapults in greece and rome some the same technology. >> reporter: it took the american champ three weeks to transport the catapult by boat. the winning team from europe hurled their pumpkin 2400 feet for a new world record.
5:46 am
>> in delaware they have these compressed air cannons an i think those can reach a mile. >> whoa! >> whoa! okay. >> cool stuff. >> how about our weather, whoa on that. fabulous. another beautiful day today. a little on the warm side for some as temperatures once again will be pushing 90. >> humidity is staying low. >> humidity has come up a bit but more bearable than what we have seen earlier in this wonderful summer we have endured here. let's be positive. the bus stop forecast, it's going to be a good day. a it will 8 cool in one or two spots. temperatures in the 60s and 70s this morning. and you want to be in the shorts, and short sleeves so you will be comfortable later on. temperatures at lunchtime 84. a good day for recess. 88 for 5:00 p.m. topping off with 90 for a south wind. tonight clear to partly cloudy. 80s to low 70s once again.
5:47 am
7 0. 7:29 on the sunset. light southwest wind. breezy at times. an isolated shower threat with a front that's coming through. but the wind an the temperatures will be more the important factors. i think rain chances are fairly slim. it's a possible but don't bet on it. 70 degrees with a few clouds. dew point in the low 60s. relative humidity to that 73% and our winds are south at ten miles an hour. you see temperatures, we are in the 40s like yesterday morning but 70 on the bay in annapolis. 71 southern maryland. easton and cambridge in the mid- 60s. cool spots in the mid-50s. cumberland 57. 60s and upper 50sin the shenandoah valley. what we are expecting if they are afternoon are temperatures in the upper 80s. culpeper potentially 93. a little cooler by the bay. southerly winds, those folks will be on the cooler side. there's a front coming.
5:48 am
we see it here in the middle of the country. cool behind the front. under the high pressure in wyoming this morning a lot of 30s. casper is down to 33 last hour. got this storm. that's moving to the east. not going to see the bulk of the rain. the front is coming through tomorrow and this is hermine with a strong tropical storm. an tornado watch on the texas coast. you see that on the right side of the land fall. it is weakening now it is over land. but this potentially will provide moisture toward us. by thursday it is in oklahoma. so that maybe by sunday with the next front and redskins are hosting dallas on sunday, that's when we have a chance, an increased chance of showers and storms. 90 today an tomorrow. breezy tomorrow. slim chance of a shower. much cooler, delightful weather on thursday and friday in the upper 70s. saturday 83. look at the weekend, sunday a chance of showers and rumble of thunder 84 and monday partly sunny and 84 degrees.
5:49 am
5:48. angie has the most important tuesday traffic info. >> let's make a deal. let's make a deal and a decision to make this a fantastic day. so far it appears that our traffic is cooperating. what we are watching right now, no major incidents or accidents but slow goes starting to set in. 95 northbound, this first slow ride between the prince william parkway to lorton, plus five minutes for that. an then from newington to backlick another five and that is growing. if you are continuing to 395, you will find yourself below speed from edsall to seminary. that is also getting bigger. on the outer loop, looks like the delay is stretching north of the district from new hampshire to georgia. plus 7 minutes in the car right now and ending with a look at 270. watching a good amount of congestion build from this point at germantown road to montross. that's a quick look at traffic. back to you. we have another commuter alert that will affect thousands of drivers in northern virginia. with the labor day holiday
5:50 am
over, crews are getting back to work on the hot lanes project on the beltway. ramps to and from the dulles toll road as well as intersections on nearby route 123 will be closed overnight the rest of the week. in tysons corner, drivers on eastbound route 7 will find the lanes between the dulles toll road and route 123 have shifted to the right. also, you can no longer turn left in the middle of the block, only at traffic lights. this work is all part of the dulles metro rail project. today is the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the blitz. germany's intense aerial bombing campaign against britten during world war ii. the westminster city council has released previously unseen amateur color footage of london during the blitz. it belonged to the local chief air raid warden and sat undiscovered in an attic for decades until family members town it.
5:51 am
-- found it. one survivor is reliving her narrow escape. 84-year-old joan gray stevens family moved out of northeast london shortly after the war. she and her parents narrowly escaped a bomb which destroyed their house. a nearby resident showed joan a photograph of her home taken just after the bombing. >> the first time i have seen it. it is amazing when i look at it now to see just how bad it was. >> reporter: joan was unhurt and her parents recovered from their injuries. now she says she feels more fortunate to have survived one of the largest bombs dropped on london. college football fans talk about whether teams have to cheat in order to win. that story is coming up. in entertainment news, a local college tries to set the world record for the biggest dodge ball game. this morning in in the examiner, you can read about local fire departments requiring oxygen masks,
5:52 am
especially for saving pets. a contractor investigates whether its cameras have miscalculated the speeds of large vehicles in prince georges county. and a downtown day care center is scrambling to find a new home. read these stories and more in the examiner. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank.
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oh my goff. here's a look at what's buzzing in entertain. charges have been dismissed against two people accused of trying to extort money from john travolta following the death of his son. the actor says the family wants to put the painful ordeal behind them and does not want to face the stress of a new trial. they say it is a poor economy but looks like people are willing to give according to the jerry lewis mda telethon. the labor day even raised $59 million. the 21 hour even was headlined with big name performers like barry manilow. a wwe wrestling star is arrested, charged with drugs and burglary. they say he was arrested after being found with oxycontin pill an method on the that was reported -- methadone that was
5:56 am
reported stolen. did mason smash a record in baseball. 1,000 students aimed to break the record for the biggest game of dodge ball. school officials tell us 1500 showed up and 1257 trips to the field. this exceeds the previous record held by the university of alberta that had 1198 players. it could take a couple of weeks for them to approve george mason's total. rachel submitted the next report. the lay were day festivities showed strong at the green bell labor day festival ♪ [ music ] ♪ the stage was rockin' with musical performances from the reagan year an the hub caps while an elvis impersonator kept them on their toes. the festival appears to -- appeals to all taste buds. send in events happening where
5:57 am
you, too. submit your stuff to share on the air and i will take your story ideas on my facebook page and on twitter. back to you. as we showed you earlier in sports, tens of thousands of fans packed fedex field for the virginia tech boise state game. both programs appear to have risen to the top without any public cheating scandals. that's in contrast to several other schools including north carolina. saturday, unc had to go without 83 players deemed ineligible and that led to troubles at other colleges and some wonder whether you can win without cheating. brittany morehouse digs in to that debate. >> there may be to no virginia tech or boise state alumni. but many college football fans here admire the school, nevertheless. >> i think it is great they don't have any blemishes. >> they have the same pressure as ordivision one teams have but they have done it the right
5:58 am
way. >> frank beamer has had a prestigious program. you can do it the right way it is just not letting the pressures that come in. >> the program dates back to who knows how long. >> some players getting paid by agents and stuff comes out years later. >> scandals and cheating and paying players. >> i went to a school where they had a problem with illegal recruiting for a while. >> bending of the rules is happening almost everywhere. >> reporter: cj from 106.7 says the hokey and broncos have great track records so far. >> you have to look at boise state an say nothing has come up and when frank beamer has had issues he has gotten rid of the bad apples. >> that doesn't mean that skeptics that say maybe the rule bending hasn't been uncovered. either way one agreed the temptation is getting worse.
5:59 am
>> it is big business now. a lot of money is tied in to coaches contracts an a lot of money in to athletic and unfortunately all of it lends itself to shady practices these days. >> brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> the belief that cheating is widespread is one reason some people believe athletes should be paid since their work earns so much money for their school. it is 6 a.m. thank you for watching 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with the forecast. to get all the youngsters the teachers and parents ready for the first full day of school for the entire metro region. >> no weather excuses. don't forget the sunscreen. the little ones will be outside during recess. warm, sunny and fine. if we had any showers they are well north by hundreds of miles. we are high and dry. a nice sunny day. we start at 70 in town. 61 culpeper. winchester and tagerstown in the


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